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There are many internet marketing tools available to use, but I want to share some that I believe are useful.

Keyword Search Tools

Researching keywords is very important when getting into internet marketing. Working with a good set of keywords can make a huge difference between making a good profit and a loss. One of the best tools that I have used is wordtracker, but there are some other keyword tools that can be useful too.

  • Wordtracker was probably the best keyword research tool that I have come across. You can do many things with it, but I found it useful to find the most searched keyword tools as well as something called the KEI ratio (a ratio that uses both the  amount of times a keyword is searched and the competition to help you find potentially good keywords). You can set up campaigns to divide your keyword niches up and the results can be went to email addresses for later study. I highly recommend using Wordtracker as a keyword research tool.
  • Overture Keyword Selector was the best free keyword research tool available, in my opinion, but it seems to be unreliable lately. Yahoo have overtaken Overture and it seems that they are putting less effort in maintaining this tool. It is a pity, as it was a great tool.
  • Google Adwords Keyword Tool is now one of the best free keyword research tools available now that the Overture one is so unreliable. It gives an idea about the amount of times a keyword is searched, along with competition, but it is nowhere near as thorough as wordtracker.
  • Keyword Discovery is a pretty good tool for researching keywords for free. It will only give you the top 100 keywords for a given keyword phrase, but that certainly still helps. There is not any competition analysis with this tool in its free version.

Auto Responders

I must admit that I originally thought that an auto responder was just one where you sent an automated message (such as, thanks for your email, I shall return your answer as soon as possible) back to someone who sent you an email.  How wrong was I!!!

If you ask any internet marketing guru they will tell you that building a list is a very important part of a successful internet marketing business.  Many have also told stories of how they had to change auto-responder companies after some were found to be inadequate and then loss thousands of potential customers. So it is important to build your list using a very good auto-responder.  I did quite a bit of research and found that 2 were rated the best. They were aweber and getresponse.  I chose aweber as my auto responder and have not had any issues with them. They offer unlimited projects, which is great for multiple niches.

Domian Names

Before you host a web site, you need to buy a domain name. There are many places where you can buy domain names, but I found that godaddy was the cheapest option for me. When you buy a domain name it may pay to buy more than 1 at a time as you can often get discounts by doing so.

Note, I am now aware of a better place to buy domain names. That being namecheap. There is much to like about namecheap, including the fact that they are very cheap and also offer free WhoisGuard privacy protection for the 1st year. This protects you from spammers and telemarketers getting hold of your name, address and phone number.


In order to have a website functioning, you need to find a host for your domain name. I currently use 2 different hosting companies, but I find that hostgator offers the best value for money. I have needed to talk to them a few times and I found their responses very quick and helpful. Their baby package offers unlimited add-on domains, large server space and large bandwidth, which is very handy at the price the charge. Hostgator also charges monthly, which means that you are not tied in for a year like some other hosting companies.

Payment Methods

The leading and most trusted payment provider on the Internet is Paypal. You can buy any product through a Paypal account by creating an account here.

SEO products

SEO Powersuite is the best all-round SEO product around that I know of.   that can really help you build your traffic naturally. The package consists of 4 products that can really help you build your traffic and page ranks naturally.

  1. Link Assistant is a tool that can create  SEO friendly link directories. Links can be swapped, created and verified easily.   It is a great product on its own, and one that I had been looking for many years.
  2. SEO Spyglass can help you spy on what your competition is doing, so that you can not only do the same, but a bit better.
  3. Rank Tracker helps you with keyword research as well as tracking your ranking performance of selected keywords for your website pages.
  4. Website Auditor helps you with you optimize your website content.

There are 2 types of packages for SEO Powersuite, one is the professional package and the other is the Enterprise package.  Personally, I feel that most Internet Marketers can settle for the Professional package, but Enterprise is the way to go if you are in a company and want to show off detailed reports. You can buy SEO Powersuite directly or get a trial version.

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