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Finding a Niche that is Hot

May 31st, 2009 · No Comments

I promised, that I would write some of the content that Brett McFall gave us in Brisbane (note that what is written below is how I saw what was said and not the exact wordings), so here is the 1st topic he spoke about “Finding a Niche that is Hot”.

The first thing that one needs to do in order to become successful in Internet marketing is to find a Niche that is hot. Many people try to find a product 1st and then market that product, but the fact is that you need to find a hot niche market first, then create or find a product for that niche… but how do you find a niche market that is hot?

Brett suggested that the 1st place you should visit is the Google Keyword Tool.  You then enter the particular niches that you are interested in and look for 30-70,000 visitors/month in the local search volume column.  Preferably, the niche should have high demand with low competition.

Visit  Yahoo Groups and place your niche keyword phrase into the search box. You will then find groups available where people will talk about your niche. You can get an idea whether the niche is a hot market by looking at how passionate the group writes.  You can also get an idea about some of the frustrations people have with that niche which can be useful for product creation.

Visit Clickbank and type your niche keyword phrase into the marketplace. You can then get an idea about what products are being produced, along with how much competition there is. It is best to find a niche that compliments another existing product that is already performing well.

Search for existing ezines and blogs by typing “your keyword phrase ezine” and “your keyword phrase blog” into the google search engine. This will give you an idea of your potential competition and other potential related niche ideas.

Once you find a niche, create a survey using Surveymonkey where you promise the person that you will give them a copy of the book if they ask their biggest question they have with your particular niche. This will serve to determine whether there is a passion in the niche and also will help out with product creation.

Brett also gave 11 hot niches..listed below

  1. How to become vegetarian
  2. How to sell commodities
  3. How to day trade
  4. How to invest in foreclosures
  5. How to freelance
  6. How to retire young
  7. How to get into acting
  8. How to invest online
  9. How to video blog
  10. How to get seen on Youtube
  11. How to block Spam

The next topic will be “How to create a product that your market wants”

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