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How To Create A Product That Your Market Wants

June 1st, 2009 · No Comments

After finding a hot niche, you need to create a product for it.  Brett Mcfall was only interested in showing information type products, as they are the easiest and quickest ways to make money online. Also there is a great demand for information on the Internet..that is what most users of the Internet want.

Brett mentioned how you can hire people through Elance to ghostwrite an e-book for you based on the questions asked in the hot niche section survey. Brett certainly did that with his scrapbooking e-book.  I find though that you need to have a certain amount of luck and/or skill to find a ghostwriter that will do a good job.

Another product Brett suggested was an interview product.  The idea was that you find experts in your niche and then interview them via audio or video to create a product. He felt that audio via the phone is the best option to start off with though, as people tend to get nervous when in front of a camera.

The interview should be informal and relaxed and last for about 1 hour.  You should ask open questions so that your niche expert can talk more. It is important to ask your question and then be quiet. It is so easy to add ah ha’s and ok’s etc while the expert is talking.

Where can you find experts?

Brett suggested finding them through Yahoo Groups or any person with a product in your niche. You can write a letter to them offering them a chance to promote their product/website in exchange for the interview.

What type of questions do I ask?

As mentioned before, the questions should be open.  Brett has got a list of questions that he uses to interview experts in his book “How To Make Money While You Sleep”.

How do I conduct the interview?

No Cost Conference is a good place to hold your interview. There you can hold an interview over the telephone and record the conversation. The number used is a USA number (If you come from Australia, then you can buy a $10 card at the newsagent then you can get 4-5 interviews with it). Once you have the audio file from them you can download the recording and export it as a mp3 by using Audacity. You can even add music to lead into the interview, if you want it to be more professional.  Be careful though, you need to buy rights to the music 1st.

You can make the audio file into written content too, so that users have a choice of listening or reading. Different people have differing styles of learning.
Brett suggested getting interviews with 3 different experts in the field. You can sell the interview through the expert’s list, giving the expert half of the profits made. Another idea is to give the product to the expert’s list for free in exchange for their name and email address. You can then offer them the other 2 expert’s interviews for $15 rather than the 3 for $30.

Brett suggested that you can sell the product with resale rights for $60 and the product with master rights for $90.  Brett believes that 2-3 times more people will buy your product if they have a chance to on-sell your product too.

Another method Brett came up with was a new idea to me.

He suggested going to EzineArticles, clicking on the niche keyword phrase and finding articles related to it.  Write to the authors of the articles, asking them if they would mind having their article in an e-book that you are creating.  If they say yes, then just add that article as 1 chapter. The authors get their website promotion and you get content for a book. “Chicken Soup For the Soul” was supposedly written in a similar manner.

The next  topic will be “How to create a powerful and compelling sales message”

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