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Creating a Powerful and Compelling Sales Letter

June 2nd, 2009 · No Comments

No matter how good your product is, it will not sell well unless you have got a good sales copy.

Although Brett McFall failed English in his final year, he has become one of the leading copywriters in the world. Brett realized that many people struggle to write good sales letters, so he created some software that makes it quick and easy for them.

Brett showed us how easy it was to create a sales letter by using the BURPIES software, just by answering some questions.

So what does BURPIES stand for?

B = big promise (In effect what is the biggest benefit of your product… this is used in the headline)

U = Use Imagination (You need to get the visitor to use their imagination, as human buy on emotions, then use logic afterwards)

R = Rarity (Buyers love to buy rare items.  What makes you product unique?)

P = Points (This is where you need to identify the features and benefits of your product. It is best to write a feature of the product and then explain how that could benefit the reader. For example, The BURPIES software can create sales letters in less than 30 minutes, so that means you can have more time to do things that you want to do.)

I = Irresistible Offer  (You need to show the customer that it is a no brainer to buy your product. This may include bonuses where you quantify their value. Tell the reader how much time and money was spent to create the product and compare that to your selling price)

E = Evidence (Use testimonials. The best testimonials are “Once I was lost… Now I am found”. Make sure you add their full name and the suburb/state/country they live in if you can)

S = Signoff (You need a call to action. You need to tell the reader what to do and what happens after they do it)

People pay $3000-$5000 for good sales copy, and even a lot more in cases. So paying for the BURPIES software is a sound investment.

The next topic I will talk about “Building a Website that Converts”

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