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Flat Blake

July 10th, 2008 · 2 Comments

I have been in Adelaide since last Saturday. The main purpose was to catch up with dad to discuss business matters and to meet a couple of people that might mutually benefit from us visiting them. However, it was a good opportunity to catch up with other relatives who live in Adelaide too.

I spent some time last weekend at my brother’s place and my sister’s place. My sister showed me one of her son’s “Blake” stories that he had written. Blake is only 7 years of age and he typed this on 4 sides of a card. Whilst the English and grammar was not 100% accurate, Blake did a great job for a 7 year old and we were all very proud of him. I have probably done some mistakes here. lol

Below is what Blake wrote. It not only shows great English skills for his age, but reminds us of the fantastic imaginations that children possess.

Flat Blake

Once upon a time at midnight in Chine Blake went for a walk.

He got to the park and then the playground fell on him. In th morning he woke up. Then some people came and picked the playground off of Blake. He thanked them and realised that he was Flat Blake. Then he went home.

His family kept on staring at him. His son, Ben lost his toy behind the fridge. Flat Blake went under it and got the toy back. His son was happy. After tea Flat Blake went to bed. In the happy morning Flat Blake had breakfast. Then he went to the Doctor’s. He was called Declan. The Doctor said “Sometimes it is good to be flat.” “Why” “Because you can do lots of things that other people can’t do.” “So what’s good about that?” “Don’t worry Blake.” “Bye.” Then Flat Blake went home and sat down, he watched some T.V where he heard that a cat had got stuck in the tallest tree in the neighborhood. Do the he turned himself into a kite and saved the cat. He went home.
A month later people kept laughing at him. So he went home and had a good idea. “I will drink lots and lots of water.” So he did. But it didn’t do anything. He felt sad. So he went to bed. In the morning he was going to work. When he came to a voodoo shop and bought a potion. Then he drank it and ‘Pop!” He was 3D again.

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  • 1 Gaynor // Jul 11, 2008 at 11:41 pm

    Blake is only 7 years old. He is excited to have his story on the internet.

  • 2 Bryan // Jul 12, 2008 at 4:06 am

    Whoops.. he is 8 this year though. Sorry about that. I have fixed it up. 🙂

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