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John Edward In Brisbane

November 16th, 2007 · No Comments

On Tuesday night I went to see John Edward at Chandler in Brisbane with my girlfriend Maureen.  It was his last performance in his Australian tour. I had bought the tickets for Maureen for her birthday and we attended the function with her Scottish friends Gary and Jenny.

When we arrived, I noticed that many of the people that attended were females. So if you are a single male, then you may want to consider going to such a performance. lol.

John mentioned some interesting stories at the start, including his personal experiences with mediums many years ago. He seemed impressed at how spirituality has grown over the years. 

He mentioned how he liked to return home with a funny story to tell.  As it turned out that funny story developed in Sydney. He mentioned that he went into McDonald’s and when he was about to go out his spirit guides told him to go back in.  He trusted his spirit guides and then went back in. Afterwards, he went back out and was about to walk back to his hotel but his spirit guides were suggesting that he should not go that way. So he walked in the other direction. After a while he found himself in the presence of 3 individuals dressed in suits. He had no idea what they were about, but they were asking him if he was the Gate Keeper. As it turned out, they were from the ABC program “The Chaser’s War On Everything”.

Below is a video of this skit. It is quite funny.

Anyway, it looks as though John has spirit guides with a sense of humour, if you believe in spirit guides of course.

Maureen and I were happy that we got to see the John Edward show, although we probably will not go again. There were quite a lot of people there and it seemed that many of the people who needed to get readings and got them struggled to understand what was going on which dragged the readings out. We would have liked to have heard more readings in the performance.

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