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Building a Website that Converts

June 3rd, 2009 · No Comments

There are several models used by internet marketers for websites, but the one that Brett  McFall gave us as an example is a common method in a simple way.

Brett suggests that the home page should be a squeeze page. That means the objective of the home page is to get the name and email address of people who are interested in your niche and potentially could buy your product.

The squeeze page should write something like “If you want to know more about…”  Then possibly have some dot points with a few features and benefits, followed by the opt-in box. The BURPIES home page is an example of a squeeze page, although there are not any dot points there.

The Squeeze page will siphon out who is interested and who is not interested. Those who chose to opt-in are then taken to the sales letter where they have a decision to buy the product or not buy the product. If they buy the product, then they will be taken to a Thank You page which gives them access to download the product.

If they choose not to buy, then they will be given a series of emails from an autoresponder.  One of the auto responders that Brett suggested was Aweber, which is the autoresponder that I use.  It is very important to choose a very good autoresponder, because it is difficult to export and import lists at a later time. Aweber is certainly highly regarded in the Internet Marketing world.

Brett suggests that you sell the product, via the autoresponder emails, once per day for 10 days.  On the 11th day, give the subscriber a 50% off. Add value once a week and sell other related products once a week on commission (affiliate links).

Websites can be created in many ways. I prefer to use WordPress or Dreamweaver. However, Brett McFall has his own website builder that may cater for those that are not technically minded. He promoted the Bigpixie website builder.

Ok, so you can now have a website up and running and a product to sell… but how do you get traffic to your site? That will be the next topic.

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Creating a Powerful and Compelling Sales Letter

June 2nd, 2009 · No Comments

No matter how good your product is, it will not sell well unless you have got a good sales copy.

Although Brett McFall failed English in his final year, he has become one of the leading copywriters in the world. Brett realized that many people struggle to write good sales letters, so he created some software that makes it quick and easy for them.

Brett showed us how easy it was to create a sales letter by using the BURPIES software, just by answering some questions.

So what does BURPIES stand for?

B = big promise (In effect what is the biggest benefit of your product… this is used in the headline)

U = Use Imagination (You need to get the visitor to use their imagination, as human buy on emotions, then use logic afterwards)

R = Rarity (Buyers love to buy rare items.  What makes you product unique?)

P = Points (This is where you need to identify the features and benefits of your product. It is best to write a feature of the product and then explain how that could benefit the reader. For example, The BURPIES software can create sales letters in less than 30 minutes, so that means you can have more time to do things that you want to do.)

I = Irresistible Offer  (You need to show the customer that it is a no brainer to buy your product. This may include bonuses where you quantify their value. Tell the reader how much time and money was spent to create the product and compare that to your selling price)

E = Evidence (Use testimonials. The best testimonials are “Once I was lost… Now I am found”. Make sure you add their full name and the suburb/state/country they live in if you can)

S = Signoff (You need a call to action. You need to tell the reader what to do and what happens after they do it)

People pay $3000-$5000 for good sales copy, and even a lot more in cases. So paying for the BURPIES software is a sound investment.

The next topic I will talk about “Building a Website that Converts”

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How To Create A Product That Your Market Wants

June 1st, 2009 · No Comments

After finding a hot niche, you need to create a product for it.  Brett Mcfall was only interested in showing information type products, as they are the easiest and quickest ways to make money online. Also there is a great demand for information on the Internet..that is what most users of the Internet want.

Brett mentioned how you can hire people through Elance to ghostwrite an e-book for you based on the questions asked in the hot niche section survey. Brett certainly did that with his scrapbooking e-book.  I find though that you need to have a certain amount of luck and/or skill to find a ghostwriter that will do a good job.

Another product Brett suggested was an interview product.  The idea was that you find experts in your niche and then interview them via audio or video to create a product. He felt that audio via the phone is the best option to start off with though, as people tend to get nervous when in front of a camera.

The interview should be informal and relaxed and last for about 1 hour.  You should ask open questions so that your niche expert can talk more. It is important to ask your question and then be quiet. It is so easy to add ah ha’s and ok’s etc while the expert is talking.

Where can you find experts?

Brett suggested finding them through Yahoo Groups or any person with a product in your niche. You can write a letter to them offering them a chance to promote their product/website in exchange for the interview.

What type of questions do I ask?

As mentioned before, the questions should be open.  Brett has got a list of questions that he uses to interview experts in his book “How To Make Money While You Sleep”.

How do I conduct the interview?

No Cost Conference is a good place to hold your interview. There you can hold an interview over the telephone and record the conversation. The number used is a USA number (If you come from Australia, then you can buy a $10 card at the newsagent then you can get 4-5 interviews with it). Once you have the audio file from them you can download the recording and export it as a mp3 by using Audacity. You can even add music to lead into the interview, if you want it to be more professional.  Be careful though, you need to buy rights to the music 1st.

You can make the audio file into written content too, so that users have a choice of listening or reading. Different people have differing styles of learning.
Brett suggested getting interviews with 3 different experts in the field. You can sell the interview through the expert’s list, giving the expert half of the profits made. Another idea is to give the product to the expert’s list for free in exchange for their name and email address. You can then offer them the other 2 expert’s interviews for $15 rather than the 3 for $30.

Brett suggested that you can sell the product with resale rights for $60 and the product with master rights for $90.  Brett believes that 2-3 times more people will buy your product if they have a chance to on-sell your product too.

Another method Brett came up with was a new idea to me.

He suggested going to EzineArticles, clicking on the niche keyword phrase and finding articles related to it.  Write to the authors of the articles, asking them if they would mind having their article in an e-book that you are creating.  If they say yes, then just add that article as 1 chapter. The authors get their website promotion and you get content for a book. “Chicken Soup For the Soul” was supposedly written in a similar manner.

The next  topic will be “How to create a powerful and compelling sales message”

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Finding a Niche that is Hot

May 31st, 2009 · No Comments

I promised, that I would write some of the content that Brett McFall gave us in Brisbane (note that what is written below is how I saw what was said and not the exact wordings), so here is the 1st topic he spoke about “Finding a Niche that is Hot”.

The first thing that one needs to do in order to become successful in Internet marketing is to find a Niche that is hot. Many people try to find a product 1st and then market that product, but the fact is that you need to find a hot niche market first, then create or find a product for that niche… but how do you find a niche market that is hot?

Brett suggested that the 1st place you should visit is the Google Keyword Tool.  You then enter the particular niches that you are interested in and look for 30-70,000 visitors/month in the local search volume column.  Preferably, the niche should have high demand with low competition.

Visit  Yahoo Groups and place your niche keyword phrase into the search box. You will then find groups available where people will talk about your niche. You can get an idea whether the niche is a hot market by looking at how passionate the group writes.  You can also get an idea about some of the frustrations people have with that niche which can be useful for product creation.

Visit Clickbank and type your niche keyword phrase into the marketplace. You can then get an idea about what products are being produced, along with how much competition there is. It is best to find a niche that compliments another existing product that is already performing well.

Search for existing ezines and blogs by typing “your keyword phrase ezine” and “your keyword phrase blog” into the google search engine. This will give you an idea of your potential competition and other potential related niche ideas.

Once you find a niche, create a survey using Surveymonkey where you promise the person that you will give them a copy of the book if they ask their biggest question they have with your particular niche. This will serve to determine whether there is a passion in the niche and also will help out with product creation.

Brett also gave 11 hot niches..listed below

  1. How to become vegetarian
  2. How to sell commodities
  3. How to day trade
  4. How to invest in foreclosures
  5. How to freelance
  6. How to retire young
  7. How to get into acting
  8. How to invest online
  9. How to video blog
  10. How to get seen on Youtube
  11. How to block Spam

The next topic will be “How to create a product that your market wants”

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Brett McFall’s visit to Brisbane

May 30th, 2009 · No Comments

It has been almost 1 year since I last met Brett McFall at WIS in Dallas. This time I saw him in Brisbane, which is much closer to where I live.

This image of Brett Mcfall and me was taken at the WIS in Dallas 2008

This image of Brett Mcfall and me was taken at the WIS in Dallas 2008

Brett McFall has just finished an 11 day “How To Make Money While You Sleep” tour of Australia which started in Adelaide on the 19th of May and finished here in Brisbane at the Hilton today. My dad attended the session in Adelaide and told me that Brett gave plenty of free content, some that may be useful to me. I decided to attend so that I could pick up a few points, meet some other like-minded people and to catch up with Brett again.

Dad certainly was right. Brett Mcfall did give plenty of free content. Some people would have paid a fair bit of money for information he gave in the past (the Underachiever’s Course comes to mind, as part of what he gave was very much related to that.)

Brett tried to keep the event as simple as he could. He did not  include many advanced or technical details (he called it “geek territory”), so as not to confuse people (they would less likely take action if he did so).

Brett gave us insight into 5 areas. They were…

  • Finding a Niche that is hot
  • Create a product that your market wants
  • How to create a powerful and compelling sales message
  • Building a Website that converts
  • Driving Traffic to your website

Over the next week, I shall write semi-detailed posts about those topics, so that those that were not fortunate enough to attend can learn a bit about what was given to us during the day.

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